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Interested in a new hat?

Marketing professionals for small to midsize businesses wear a lot of hats; content creation, email campaigns, lead generation, website maintenance, event planning, and more. On top of that, each month we are tasked with compiling all the data from these different areas into a report that shows ROI and trends to help leadership make decisions on future marketing budgets.

It is not that we don’t have the data; it’s the opposite. Reports from social media platforms, CRM systems, marketing clouds as well as Google Analytics, leave us swimming in data but pulling everything together is so difficult it feels like now we also need to be data scientists to figure out how to integrate all of it.

Today, marketing teams also contend with the challenges of masking PII (Personally Identifiable Information). An email address combined with the demographic information compiled by online search engines must be handled with care, and encrypted before storing. PII data must be masked or anonymized to comply with privacy laws and reduce risk of identity theft, especially if you’re sharing data with others.

There must be a better way.

How about building your own Data App?

Since marketing professionals look so great in hats, let’s try on another – data app builder. Today, marketing teams, not web developers, build websites, create integrations between tools and configure the apps our team’s use on a daily basis. However, data AI apps are still buried in the IT department and out of the reach of the business users who need the information.

Velox is the answer.

Velox puts the focus on data, content, and use cases, not technology. Not to worry, all the technology is there, and you can read all about it here, but I prefer to think of it as magic.

A cloud-based app like everything else you use (hopefully), Velox ensures your data is highly secured and compliant. Velox is powered by machine learning and AI so over time, as you send more data to it, Velox gets smarter and can recommend, nudge, and help you make data-driven decisions. The information produced from these apps can be published to a Velox dashboard, or an API can be created to send it to your company’s preferred location.

How does Velox work?

Believe it or not, you are four steps away from creating your own secured data app.

Much like when you connect your CRM or social media accounts through integrations, Velox works the same way.

1. Ingest

A fancy word for connecting or uploading your data sources. You can upload files (excel or csv) or choose the apps you want to pull data from like:

· Facebook Ads

· LinkedIn Ads

· HubSpot

· Google Analytics

2. Understand & Transform

a. The Automated Profiling feature allows you to understand your data from a completeness and quality perspective. It also provides descriptive statistics such as correlation, mean, median etc.

b. You can perform easy transformation steps such as fix date formats, and round off numbers on the data, if needed.

3. KPIs & Visualizations

Identify key metrics from your data set and create charts & graphs in a few simple steps from Velox’s chart library.

4. Publish

Make your KPIs & Insights available across different users within your organization by publishing it in a single click. An interactive web portal with charts & dashboards can be accessed from any web browser using secure login credentials.

And that's it! You have a published, interactive visual app providing real-time insights into your marketing performance.

Marketing teams need to make the most out of their data by:

  • Calculating ROI to help guide business decisions, and optimize future marketing efforts

  • Helping marketing teams measure campaign success, justify marketing spends, and allocate budgets for ongoing and future initiatives.

  • Using the right data enables analysis-based marketing decisions, allowing enterprises to track and respond to changing behaviors, try new tools, and anticipate what comes next.

Velox does all that, and more; it gives marketers a great new hat to show off!

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