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Wellness AI

Back to business driven by data and technology based decision making

What is Wellness AI?  

Wellness AI is an integrated solution powered by data & technology to help decision makers safely operate their businesses and drive productivity . Bringing in an ecosystem of advanced sensors,mobile/web applications and analytical dashboards together, Wellness AI is the most effective solution available to create a safe workspace. Executives and supervisors can manage their businesses & employees by balancing health, infection, and revenue through continued monitoring of changes in key metrics.

Leverage Risk Scoring Framework

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Under the hood of Wellness AI 

Data collected from various sources including the App & Sensors will be loaded and transformed in a secured cloud environment. An AI engine will update the key metrics and analytical models based on the updated data on a scheduled basis. Actionable strategies , alerts , key metric trends and other insights will be available in the command center for consumption and driving efficient decision making.

Key business metrics

Identifying the right set of measurable metrics is a key goal for the decision makers. Few examples of such metrics are Business Revenue , Operational Cost , Employee Productivity , Customer Satisfaction  etc.

Monitoring the change in these metrics as well as risk scores over time will help the decision makers to effectively leverage the full potential of this framework and manage the Business in a way that balances Jobs, Revenue and Health.

to measure effectiveness of the actions
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Analytics & Actionable Insights

Interactive dashboards developed on the integrated data & models will help uncover insights and take effective  actions.

  • Location

  • Employee

  • Measuring Outcomes

  • Strategies & Recommendations

  • Violations & Contact Tracing


Ready to deploy components

Secured PII compliant metadata driven data ingestion and cloud based storage infrastructure. Python scripts for data transformation and risk models.


Role based access control driven portal shell and ability to integrate dashboards from all major BI tools such as Tableau , Power BI , Webfocus etc.

Security information

Wellness AI is built on HIPPA compliant Velox Data platform with highest standards for data privacy and security
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