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Data products and consulting for small to mid-size

manufacturers, healthcare firms, and financial services


Drive better business outcomes

with organized, meaningful data

Eliminate your data chaos

Increase your marketing ROI

Drive better business decisions

Data management is hard

You know you need data to solve problems like

Wasted Marketing Spend

Poor Customer Retention

High Abandonment or Churn

But you don’t know how to reliably get those insights.

You’re sitting on piles of data, but don’t know how to
organize it — or make it meaningful.

You hired a consulting firm to clean things up but their 3-year engagement took way too much time & money, and you still didn’t get the outcome you wanted.

It’s not your fault.

Did you know?

85% of big data projects fail.


Because effective data management isn’t about reading seven books or spewing heaps of jargon.

It’s about building on years of experience and specialized expertise.

Data solutions that move the needle

Make data meaningful

Messy, useless data? Our consulting + assessment services help you unlock insights you can actually understand, so you can make smarter business decisions.

Manage your population

Want to ensure productivity and safety? Our Wellness AI™ product helps you keep everyone safe, healthy, and financially fit — even post-COVID. 

Monetize data affordably

Data monetization shouldn’t just be for the big guys. Our Velox™ product is Wordpress for data: no developers, no coding, no expensive custom apps. Just better ROI on your marketing and people.


We love data. 

But we love results more

We’re an execution-focused team of data advisers based in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Over 15 years and 400+ clients, we’ve helped both small and large organizations leverage their data to increase customer retention and revenue.


The Goldfinch Difference

Why work with us?

roadmap builders

For 15+ years, we’ve been developing data-driven roadmaps for leading brands around the world. They trust our deep grasp of data, which leads to executable strategies with measurable impact.

Swift, scalable (and affordable) solutions

You’ll never start from scratch. 
Our comprehensive platform already includes key data management capabilities. Select the ones you need (we help you figure that part out) and build your custom solution, ready to use.

Actionable data that 
makes sense to you

More data isn’t always the answer. 
It’s the interpretation that results in innovation & lasting improvements. That’s why we make sure you fully understand what your data is telling you and what you can do with it — so you get the most out of it.

Our Products & Services



Our lo-code data app builder allows anyone in your company to access and understand critical data — without getting bogged down by tech.



Engage our team for a one-off assessment — or full tech implementation. We’ve helped Fortune 500s like IKEA and WorldPay pinpoint and solve major revenue challenges.



Our population management solution allows employers to get critical insights around health and financial fitness — ensuring maximum productivity while balancing employee wellness.

Product Use Cases

Can we help you?

Some common ways companies use our services

Marketing Director

“I need to generate reports to strategize our marketing budget, but I’m not a data scientist. How do I integrate all these figures into something meaningful and actionable?”

Solution: Velox™

Manufacturing Plant Manager

“I need to make sure my plant stays COVID-free. How can I screen employees and prevent spread while maintaining anonymity and ______?”

Solution: Wellness AI™

University Administrator

“Our school is slowly opening up — and I want it to stay open. How can we keep our students protected while keeping productivity and engagement high?”

Solution: Wellness AI™

Your data already holds the answers you’re looking for. 

We make them easy to find.


Data analytics doesn’t have to be 

Expensive and drawn out
Confusing and unruly
Overwhelming and stressful.

We have the expertise, science, and platforms to help your team stop guessing — and start making smart, data-driven decisions.

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